So what’s up ! I’m currently just practicing a lot and are able to do longer motos. Yesterday was an awesome day at milestone mx and my speed was really good! I don’t think I have ever been riding this fast and it feels good! I have been struggling to get all the different sections on the track together and get a nice fast flow lap after lap, but lately things has just started to work out really good.

Last Saturday was it time for a race at REM Glen Helen and I was racing two classes ( 450B + openB) I was getting a bad start with a DNF (did not finish) in my first Moto because of a flat front tier on the first lap. But after that Moto did things work out pretty good with two hole shots and two top 3 finish:) so it was a okay day on the race track!

This summer is soon over and I’m making some plans for the fall in Sweden with riding and practicing, and I have also started to speak with some new sponsors for the next season so things is looking bright!

Take care and make sure to check out my Instagram for daily updates!

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