So finally people, my last weekend in Sweden is here and on Thursday I’m leaving Arlanda for Los Angeles. It has been a tuff winter with a lot of up and downs but I have been working and training hard so I’m more then ready to go over there and start twisting the throttle

My plan is to have my first day at the track next weekend and after that just take 2-3 weeks to get in to the riding again after a long break from motocross. I’m also planing to post one video every week about my training/practicing and everything els that’s going on during the weeks so all you guys can get a good picture in to my life, and see what I’m up to!

So stay tuned and check my website during the upcoming weeks for more information!!Streaming and download Deepwater Horizon (2016)

I just wanna say thanks to all my friends family and sponsors for supporting me ! You are simply the best.