Hi there! Last weekend did I race the amateur days at Glen Helen, I had a great day with 4 holeshot (first in to the second corner) and did ride pretty good, the track was ruff with a lot of really step up and down hills.
I managed to win 2 out of 4 races and get two 4th places in the other ones.

Me and my roommate Robert has been training good this week and are prepared to go back to Glen Helen this weekend for some new racing.

I’m start to feel better on the bike and the speed is improving, I’m happy with my results so far this summer and that the hard work is paying off!!

It’s just an awesome feeling to get up early and hit the track multiply times every week and know that This is the only position that I could ever dream of being in. I take it extremely seriously and it’s kind of a work for me, but it’s the best work I could ever have!