What’s up, last weekend was it time for the 3rd round in the TWMX west coast open serie at perris raceway.
They had done some major tracks changes and it was not to the better. the track was tight and had no flow at all, but it’s the same track for everyone so it was just to race it as hard as possible. I had 4 motos and the first one was okay a good start and was riding okay, didn’t find the flow really but I made it true without any big issues. 2nd moto was over on the first lap with a flat rear wheel… Went in to the pit and did find a nail that had go straight in to my rear wheel, my bike was ready for my 3rd moto and so was I. once again did I get of the gate good and was riding better and better for every lap, I was felling strong and managed to push hard to get my fastest lap time on the last lap and finished in 4th position.
The last moto was a struggle, a long super hot day did start to effect my body and I was just riding true the Moto and ended up 5th.

It was an okay race for sure but I’m still looking to get all pieces together on a race day, I know what I can do on a regular practice and I’m just getting to exited when it’s race time. So I’m going to figure something out and start doing some better races from now!! Big thanks to all of you how supports me!image