Whats up! Hi everyone I did just arrive to Stockholm Sweden and I’m setting in the car thinking back on a great summer, I have increased my speed, technic and my overall fitness so it has been another awesome summer here in California. I had my last session on my Suzuki the other day at Glen Helen, And I was feeling really good all day and it was a great last practice here in U.S.
So the plan for me now is to get in to riding as soon as possible, hopefully sometime next week. it’s some races left that Im planing to race this fall in Sweden and I’m really exited about coming home and race again.
I’m also going to start work and will try my best to combine that with me training schedule so I can keep increasing my strength and cardio.

I’m planing to make some big change in my program for the 2016 season that will be necessary for me to become a pro rider, and I will get back to you guys about that and the details really soon.

I also did a small edit that I posted on YouTube from yesterday’s practice so make sure to check it out!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FXhIhigrcbU

Take care everyone and stay safe // Gustav Gustafsson